Friday, July 9, 2010

Prepping, it ain't for sissy's, faint and or weak of Heart

Greeting to any new followers and current followers and Friends of Nog's Preppers blog.
I am Pale Rider a friend of Nog and guest blogger, looking forward to sharing concepts and ideals with Nog, Knine and the rest of you.

Now on with the show:

How many of you are serious about prepping and how many of you is this just warm casual'll only hurt yourself and your loved ones if you can't be honest. Just as I figured you think you are serious but you just don't want the stigma of being thought crazy or worst yet a survivalist.

Screw them that think that way including the Electards in Washington DC, this site is for getting back to basics and getting in touch with that thing called (drum roll please) self reliant like our founding fathers and fellow Americans in the past have been.

So dig out your old Boy Scout / Girl Scout hand books, those old copies of Mother Earth News, Popular Mechanics and any other manual, book or magazine you have squirreled away and roll up our sleeves and start re-reading those old reference materials and get back to depending on yourself and not on NannyGov or any other Alice in Wonderland fantasy place.

I look forward to sharing my success's and of course "ah shucks" with you as we get back to reality, first thing we will discuss will be .....FIRE.....without it we are lost....We will video our attempts of bow fire starting, flint/steel, optical and plain old char cloth in our next posting.

In the mean time share your experience's and don't be shy not everyone is Mr Wizard and always remember that "it's always better to drill and make mistakes in normal times not when the world is crashing down on you.

Till next post, Prep!!!


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